Getting The Latest Handsets Through Bad Credit Mobile Phones


Mobile phones are extremely hard to keep up with. It seems like every week there’s a new model from another manufacturer, which in turn makes some phone obsolete and unwanted. It’s natural for people to want to keep up with the fad. After all, phones are not only for looks, but it also serves a lot of purposes.

Newer handsets not only mean a sleeker look, but more advanced features, faster operating systems, and more functionality. However, keeping up with the latest handsets is already difficult for normal people – for people with bad credit, it’s almost impossible. It’s a good thing no credit check mobile phones are now a thing. Because of services offered by websites like Phones For All and others, even people with bad credit can get the latest handset if they want it.

Conditions and Limitations

If you’re thinking about getting a bad credit mobile phone contract, it’s a good option for you, especially if you can’t get one any other way. Just keep in mind the following points and everything should be find.

For one, remember that most providers are still businesses, so to give someone with bad credit a contract approval would tantamount to financial suicide for businesses. There’s a huge risk that the client will not pay their monthly bills. So providers need to take steps to guarantee that their losses are minimal in such a case.

Some providers will ask for an initial deposit to lessen the risk. The initial deposit will depend on how much the phone is. The newer the phone, the larger the deposit. Aside from initial payments, monthly payments would be higher than normal mobile phone rates. This is because bad credit mobile phone contracts are shorter, as the longer the contract is, the more risky it is for the provider.

Although the practice is not quite common nowadays, few providers still ask for a co-signee or guarantor. This means another person will put their name on the contract stating that if you skimp on your responsibility, they will take over. This way, the contract provider does not lose anything in case you can’t pay for your monthly bills.

Also, be prepared for the most basic plan with limited calls and texts. Remember, Even if they have lenient requirements, providers of no credit check mobile phone contracts still don’t trust you. You have to gain their trust and when you do, you can always upgrade to the next plan and even trade-in your handset.


Although these conditions might sound grim, getting a no credit check mobile phone agreement is still the best option if you’re struggling financially. This is the best chance you have at getting that dream handset you’ve always wanted, without having to spend more than you need to. If you’re having trouble making ends meet, purchasing a phone outright is out of the question, and applying for normal contracts will just get you a flat rejection each and every time.

If you go with bad credit mobile phone contracts, you can get the handset and monthly terms you want. The process might not be as linear as you want it to be, but eventually you’ll get there. At first, you might not get the handset you want, but stay diligent in your payments and after a few months you could be eligible for a handset trade-in. Also, remember that these contracts are created for bad credit clients, so the providers are more understanding. At any point during your lock-in period you’re finding it difficult to pay for your plan, simply talk to them to negotiate your payment terms.