Settings That Make Finding Your Phone Easier


Imagine rushing to get ready as you’re nearly late for work. You run your hands over your pockets only to realize your phone is not there. So you check your bag, your car’s glove compartment, under the couch, on the bed, and even the bathroom. Nothing.

Sometimes, you have all the time in the world to go treasure hunting for your phone. However, if you’re strapped for time you may need the assistance of your mobile phone to make searching easier. Fortunately, most operating systems know that phone misplacement is a common thing with users, and so they designed features to combat this problem. Here is a simple guide on how to find your phone using your own iOS settings.


If you’re on an Apple device, you’re in luck. The company has a service called “Find my phone” which is available for all users of the Apple OS. Of course, it doesn’t work once your phone is already lost. You have to get the service and activate it BEFORE it happens, so when you lose your phone, it’s easy to track using “Find my Phone”. Simply go to your phone settings, pick iCloud and activate Find My Phone.

Now, if you lose your phone, all you need to do is access another iOS device to find the phone. You can also do this using any web browser. Simply log into your iCloud account and look for that specific device to find the location. You can also tweak its settings so it plays a sound, or even remotely lock it so it can’t be used by other people.


Android also has its phone locator, called the Android Device Manager. It works similar to Apple’s Find My Phone, and it even has the same mechanics. Just remember to activate the feature on your Android device, or else the feature will not work. Like Apple’s Find My Phone, you can also set it to ring when you search for it through the Android Device Manager site, or remotely lock it for security purposes. You can also remotely delete all data from your Android if you’re worried about your information falling into the hands of strangers.


You need to turn on Blackberry Protect on your device for this feature to work. Simply go to your Blackberry settings and turn on Blackberry Protect, as well as Location Services. Now when you lose your phone, all you need to do is log into the website from Blackberry Protect and go to the View Location tab. Like the two aforementioned services, Blackberry Protect also locks your phone remotely, plays a sound when you’re searching for it, and even deletes all data if you want it to.

Sadly, not a lot of people know about these services, and still take hours upon hours, searching for their phone. If you have any of these operating systems, go check the settings and see if there are features installed that will help you search for your phone. Trust me, it saves you time and gives you peace of mind. Not to mention all these features also keep your phone safe in case you do lose it in a public area, or if it gets stolen.